The 5th National Bicycle Ride 2018

The 5th National Bicycle Ride 2018

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The 5th edition of the Malta National Bicycle Ride was held in 2018 on the morning of the​ 21st of September, Independence Day.  Despite the inclement weather, 150 people participated in the ride. The event was organised as part of the European Mobility Week and the European Mobility Action Campaign.

The ride covered 20km starting from Belt is-Sebh, Floriana to Mosta Parish Church and back to Floriana.  Fifteen prizes were awarded to participants through a lottery draw which included five pedelecs and ten vouchers to be redeemed in cycling equipment. 

The cyclists followed the route below on the day:

A family taking part in our Tag the Cyclist Frame competition:

Despite the rain cyclist were able to attend and complete the route:

A video of the event is avalible for all to see below: