Programme of Activities for 2016 in Malta

Programme of Activities to be held under the European Mobility Week Label
Activities to be held in various localities during European Mobility Week

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National Car Free Day 2016
National Car Free Day will be held on Sunday 18th September. All events will be centred in Floriana. As with previous years St. Anne’s Street in Floriana will be closed for traffic, with the usual diversion routes in place.
During this day, the following activities will take place: National Triathlon Competition, Road Running and Cycling Activities for the public, Exhibition of Projects by Children from SkolaSajf and other games and activities for the children. For more information please click here.
World Car Free Day 2016
The Valletta Local Council in collaboration with Transport Malta will carry out a measure to promote the concept of car pooling. The Local council will be responsible to restrict access to inner Valletta. Access to inner Valletta will be restricted as follows on the 22nd of September:
                  • Residents with permit will have no restriction;
                  • Only cars with 2 or more passengers (apart from driver) can access the CVA zone;
                  • Cars with 3 or more passengers (apart from the driver) can access and park at the parking areas within the CVA zone.
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3rd National Bicycle Ride
As an event to promote cycling, the 3rd edition of the National Bicycle Ride will be organised on the morning of the 21st of September, Independence Day.  The route will be a different one to the previous editions although it will start from and finishes at Belt-is-Sebh car park in front of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure. The cyclists will be accompanied by Transport Malta owned Electric Cars which will be used as guide and safety during the ride.
Four PEDELECS (Electric bicycles) will be awarded to participants following a draw which will be held after the ride. For more information please click here.   
Programme of Proposed Activities forming part of the European Mobility Action Label

Competition for Architects

A new competition is being proposed for interested architects and architectural students to submit designs featuring innovative, sustainable urban spaces and mobility solutions for a given locality. The submitted designs must address one or more themes as suggested below.  Criteria will be set for assessing and evaluating the designs submitted, one of which will be the implementability of the design.  The designs must therefore be custom made for a particular area (town/village/region) of Malta/ Gozo. 
Theme 1 - Sustainable Mobility including shared mobility, green infrastructure, alternative transport, low carbon transport.
Theme 2 – Green Urban Centers including shared public space, green areas, renewable energy.
More details on this competition are available here.

Educational Activity for Children

The Malta National Electromobility Platform (MNEP) Unit within Transport Malta, together with the collaboration of the Foundation for Educational Services, organised educational sessions with around 1,500 children aged between 7 and 12 years, who are attending the SkolaSajf Program. Four sessions where held during the month of July and included one session in Gozo. This activity was held as part of this year’s annual programme for European Mobility Week 2016 and European Mobility Actions.

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Participation in the Valletta Notte Bianca 2016

This year, the Notte Bianca annual event will be held on Saturday 1st October. Promotion of sustainable mobility and Electromobility shall feature as part of the event.