Press Conference EMW 2016

Launch of the European Mobility Week 2016 in Malta

Transport  Minister Mr Joe Mizzi, together with Dr Jose’ Herrera, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change,  today launched the activities to be held as part of the European Mobility Week 2016, an annual campaign held in all EU Member States between the 16th and 22nd of September. This year’s campaign will be organised by the Ministry for Transport and Transport Malta, with the support from the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government, Ministry for Gozo and the Ministry for Education and Employment.

The theme of this year is ‘Smart Mobility. Strong Economy’ – an investment for Europe, referring to the close ties between transport and economics. Under the call to action “Smart Mobility, Strong Economy”, this year’s theme points out that smart planning and use of transport will save cities and residents money and support local economic growth.

This year, Car Free Day in Malta will be organised on Sunday 18th September. A number of events will be held in St. Anne’s Street. Such events include sports competitions of triathlon and several athletics events and also activities with children, particularly those attending SkolaSajf, to instil in them the need to use sustainable transport at an early age. The event will be open for the public.

Local councils and NGOs will once again be invited to propose a number of measures reflecting those permitted under the charter of the European Mobility Week which would preferably include car free days organized during the week itself.

A new competition will be launched for interested architects and architectural students to submit designs featuring innovative, sustainable urban spaces and mobility solutions for a given locality. The submitted designs must address some particular themes.  Criteria will be set for assessing and evaluating the designs submitted, one of which will be the implementability of the design.  The designs must therefore be custom made for a particular area (town/village/region) of Malta.

From this year a car pooling initiative will also be organized by the Valletta Local Council were on 22nd September (the official World Car Free Day) cars with two passengers or more only will be able to  enter the city . This measure, however, will not be applicable for residents of Valletta. 

Similar to last year, the third edition of the Malta National Bicycle Ride will be held on Independence Day to promote the use of the cycling.

Dr José Herrera reiterated that his ministry will give support to the initiatives announced as part of the European Mobility Week.

The minister said that these initiatives are environmentally friendly and in favour of cleaner air and contribute in raising awareness about the negative impact on the environment when we use our personal vehicles rather than other ways of more sustainable transport . In promoting sustainable transport we are helping the environment because we are reducing traffic and thus reduce emissions. This leads to cleaner air.

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