Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition

The Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition is launched annually by Transport Malta as part of European Mobility Week.  The objective of this award is to encourage Local Councils to come up with, and ultimately implement, innovative schemes and measures that address sustainable transportation within their localities.  Proposed Measures are adjudicated against pre-set criteria ranging from the environmental, planning and transport perspective.

The competition was first launched in 2014, since then the Local Councils of Valletta, St Paul’s Bay, Qormi, Bormla, Ghajnsielem, San Lawrenz and Dingli have benefitted from these funds which award €50,000 and €30,000 respectively to the winner and first runner up to implement the measure proposed by the bidding local council.  The following measures have so far been granted the award.

Valletta VATIS Project


The 2014 edition of the Competition was won by the Valletta Local Council. Using the €50,000 grant awarded, the Local Council of Valletta has implemented the VATIS App which is aimed to engage travellers, particularly car drivers, to contribute and use information related to their car journeys to and from the City. 

Through the use of monitoring equipment, wireless and mobile technology the project aims to develop:

(i)                  a network of sensors collecting traffic information around the City;

(ii)                software able to simulate and predict traffic patterns;

(iii)               a mobile app able to communicate information about traffic in and around Valletta and at the same time collect information from users (crowd-sourcing) to further improve the information service.

The developed App aims to give drivers information whilst collecting data from mobile users. Sensors around the City validate the data collected and contribute to a simulation software able to predict traffic patterns. This guides drivers on whether to make the journey by car or not when travelling into Valletta, or might point them towards a faster, easier route.  The app also gives real time information regarding road closures within the city, such as those resulting from road works.

The project aims to deliver a reliable, technology driven, crowd-sourced information service that would contribute to the alleviation of traffic in and around the City of Valletta.

Green Transport Service On Demand in Bormla and Għajnsielem

The Competition held in 2015 was won by Cospicua Local Council. A total of € 50,000 were made available to the Council to implement their proposal which featured the provision of a Transport on Demand service offered to Bormla residents, particularly mobility impaired citizens.

The proposal was built following a pilot which ran for a full week during the 16th and 22nd September, 2014 utilising the grant won by the same local council as part of the Small Events Competition held during the previous year.  The pilot was received so well by the residents, that the Council opted for permanent implementation.

As a result of the Permanent Competition Grant, the Cospicua Local Council have bought and deployed two fully-electric, 5-seater crew vans which are used to offer transport on demand services from the periphery of the locality to the urban centre.  The service is mainly aimed at the elderly. Through the grant, the Council have also installed the charging infrastructure necessary to support the electric vans.

Għajnsielem placed as the first runner-up for the Permanent Measures competition in 2016’s edition. A total of € 30,000 were granted to Għajnsielem Local Council in order to implement the proposed measure.

The proposed measure consisted in providing an electric minibus on-demand service which is to be operated via advance bookings.  The service is aimed at the elderly, mobility impaired residents as well as students.

Both projects were aimed to improve accessibility to the residents particularly the elderly, while offering the service using low-carbon, energy-efficient means of transport thus also contributing towards the improvement of local air quality.

E-Bike Sharing at St Paul's Bay

St Paul’s Bay Local Council placed as the first Runner Up in the 2015 edition of the Permanent Measures Competition. A total of €30,000 where therefore awarded to the Council to introduce e-bike sharing within their locality as proposed in the Competition submission.

Using the funds awarded through the Competition, St Paul’s Bay Local Council has purchased and installed an e-bike station which will be used to host and charge electric bicycles (also known as pedelecs).  The station is available for residents to charge their personal e-bikes, while a number of e-bikes are also available by the Council for the use of residents and tourists visiting the locality.

Therefore, the project was aimed to improve accessibility around the locality, reduce traffic congestion by providing an alternative mode of transport to the private car and contribute towards the improvement of local air quality by making available a mode of transport which is both, low carbon and energy-efficient.  

Smart Parking System in Qormi

Qormi Local Council has won the Permanent Measures ccompetition in 2016. A total of € 50,000 were awarded to the Council to implement the Smart Parking system focusing on specific streets in the Qormi urban centre (St Sebastian Parish). 

By using the awarded funds, Qormi Local Council will be purchasing and installing sensors as well as variable message signs which will be used to operate the smart parking system.

Through sensors installed on on-street parking spaces, the system will identify which parking spaces are available and which are occupied.  Through the variable message signs installed at strategic locations, drivers will be notified of the number of available parking spaces per street and directed to the public parking area on the outskirts of the urban centre in case no parking is available. 

This project aims to reduce traffic congestion in city centre by reducing the circular trips made by drivers in search of available parking spaces. Less congestion in the city centre will lead to better air quality as well as lower noise pollution levels, which in turn will contribute towards a better quality of life for the residents. 

Green Mobility in San Lawrenz


San Lawrenz Local Council was the winner of the 2017 Permanent Measures Competition. The Local Council will benefit from a total of € 50,000 to provide a transport on demand service for the elderly and provide electric bicycles available for rent.  

The aim of these measures is to promote alternative means of transport, improve mobility within the locality and to improve the quality of life by the introduction of green transportation.

The Local Council is going to invest in one electric vehicle and four electric bikes. The electric vehicle will be used to provide transport on demand service for the mobility impaired and the elderly. This service will be provided free of charge by the Local Council and will improve the connection between peripheral areas and bus stops within the locality.

Electric bikes will be made available as an alternative means of transport for both locals and tourists. This measure will help to improve the connection between the locality and peripheral areas. Thus, making it easier for visitors to follow nature and heritage trails as mobility within the locality is facilitated.

In parallel to the above, the San Lawrenz Council shall also be launching an awareness raising campaign to promote sustainable and electric mobility in the village as well as engage stakeholders in discussion as part of the first steps to compile a Sustainable Urban mobility Plan (SUMP) for the locality.

Sustainable Mobility in Dingli

Dingli Local Council has placed second in the Permanent Measures Competition in 2017. The Local Council will benefit from a total of € 30,000 to deploy a public bicycle renting facility within the Locality.  This project accompanies a more extensive investment which will see the restructuring, lighting and refurbishment of the Misrah il-Mafkar area, including plantation of trees and plants, fixing of pavements and enlarging facilities to Accessibility-for-all standards.   Through the grant received, Dingli local council shall add value to the ongoing project by providing shared bicycles for rent for its residents and visitors.