Malta National Bicycle Ride


The Malta National Bicycle Ride is an event organised by Transport Malta as part of the European Mobility Week. First launched in 2014, the event has become an annual calendar event held on the 21st September, Independence Day.

The National Bicycle Ride aims to encourage and promote cycling in Malta which, despite of the short distances and mild climate, is still considered as mainly a leisure activity rather than a preferred mode of commute.

In the first edition of the National Bicycle Ride, 80 cyclists participated and the number doubled the following year with 160 cyclists participating in the event. In 2016, 200 cyclists have participated, while a total of 300 cyclists have taken part in the 2017 edition.

During the ride Police Officers and Transport Malta Enforcement Officers accompany cyclists along the circular route which starts and ends at Belt is-Sebh, Floriana. Support vehicles and an ambulance also accompany the cyclists throughout the route. All support vehicles used are fully electric in order to ensure that cyclists experience as little carbon emissions as possible.

To encourage cycle commuting throughout the year, in all event editions, a number of electric bikes (known as pedelecs) worth €1,400 each have been awarded to lucky participants through a draw which is held at the end of the route. In the 2017’s bike ride edition, the ‘Tag the Cyclist’ competition was also introduced where winners were awarded a voucher worth €100 to be spent on cycling equipment.  

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