MNEP Platform

MNEP Platform

​The Structure

The Malta National Electromobility Platform is a joint initiative between the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and Transport Malta with the Management Board being made up of the Chairman of Transport Malta and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry and chaired by the Hon. Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

The second level in the structure of the platform is made up of a technical team from Transport Malta, the Ministry for Transport and infrastructure, the Ministry for Finance, the Ministry for Energy and Conservation of Water and the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC).

The third level is the Stakeholder Forum which includes all other stakeholders including Ministries, Government Departments, Public Authorities, representatives from the Automotive Industry, including car importers, Transport Operators, and other Professional Associations such as representations from the social partners as well as NGOs, Malta Enterprise, the emergency services, and the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC).

Finally, the stakeholder forum also includes representation from the University of Malta, the Malta College for the Arts and Sciences as well as the Malta Council for Science and Technology.

To make sure that the MNEP will function as intended, a special projects unit and marketing unit is being set up with the engagement of officers from TM and MTI to oversee the activities of the Platform including the functioning of the organisational setup, internal consultations within the MNEP itself as well as the implementation of the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan including the preparation of pipeline lighthouse and demonstration projects as well as their implementation. The Unit will also be in charge of running information and marketing campaigns as well as the organisation of specific electromobility events to raise public awareness.

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