MNEP Objectives

MNEP Objectives

The MNEP’s objectives are the following:

  • To be a recipient of technology transfer, both in electric drive trains and related state of the art and cutting edge technology;

  • To oversee, coordinate and efficiently manage the implementation of the Malta National                 ElectromobilityAction Plan (MNEAP);

  • To conduct close consultations among and between policy makers and all of the stakeholders involved;

  • To appoint working groups in between the stakeholders and policy makers for specific tasks;

  • To promote research and development in electromobility;

  • To setup a national e-Car sharing platform;

  • To expand the national car-charging infrastructure;

  • To facilitate the provision of facilities should these be required by the automotive industry for the purpose of research and development and promote Malta as a large scale laboratory for electromobility;

  • To implement the changeover of the Government vehicle fleet from a conventional cars to a clean energy fleet in a phased manner;

  • To assist Government entities and private companies to switch to electromobility and their participation in related projects;

  •  To enter into cooperation agreements with the private sector in a view to further promote electromobility and all of the objectives of the MNEP, including assisting the Government to meet its environmental targets;

  • To participate in a number of lighthouse and demonstration projects through which all forms of electromobility applications can be demonstrated including testing of all forms of electric drive trains and related emerging technologies;

  • To promote and facilitate the building up of the necessary human resources and to be able to meet the challenges ahead;

  • To assist the Government in creating market stimulation measures for the uptake of the following:
              i.   All forms of Electric Vehicles and Motor Bikes
             ii.   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles;
            iii.   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses;
            iv.   Automated personal rail transport;
             v.   Electric Maritime transport;
            vi.   Deployment of infrastructure;
           vii.   e-Car sharing activities;
  • ​Considering the introduction of light rail services in Malta;

  • Assisting in the change of legislation when required;

  • Fostering and create green jobs;

  • Contributing towards the Government’s role to create a Green Economy;

  • Organising an annual or bi-annual National Electromobility Conference.

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