GrowSmarter 3rd General Assembly

​​Barcelona Growsmarter General Assembly 31st May-3rd June 2016

The first day was essentially dedicated to presentations from WP2 and WP4 through a series of presentations from various partners involved in the Barcelona projects. The presentations included projects like an Environmental Monitor on Last-minute Delivery Tricycles, Installation of Smart Meters in a selected cohort of apartments and the IT Semantics behind a Network Platform. In the afternoon, a study visit was organised at the Barcelona Traffic Management Centre, which, through around 150 cameras placed across almost all of the territory within the ‘chess board configuration’ makes up the city (with the exclusion of certain areas which are made up of tortuous streets – impossible to be covered by a sustainable number of cameras) is essentially the nerve centre monitoring the city’s traffic. This system provides invaluable real time monitoring facilities which are then used by Police, Street/Road Maintenance Services and TV/radio stations. It was clearly pointed out that this Centre does not record nor keeps record of the videos produced by the cameras, in view of Data Protection restrictions. Recording is carried out and kept by the Police Authorities who have a special agreement with the Traffic Centre, which also operates independently from the Police.

The second day focused on general Project Administration issues relating to the project in general. Of importance to TM as a Follower City was the decision on the hosting of the next General Assembly meeting which is scheduled for June 2017. Malta supported the intention of Cork to host the GA in June 2017 and Malta was also given the option to decide whether to host the 2018 edition, if additional funds are provided by the project partnership. Malta was not committed to accept and it was already indicated that in 2018, Malta would be having the General Elections (which must be held not later than Saturday 20th June 2018) and June is the month envisaged for the General Assembly.

Day three was a half day dedicated to a series of workshops covering a spectrum of activities across the three Lighthouse Cities. Presentations included the SUMP (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) for Barcelona which has seen a positive shift of attitude and use by the residents and users of the city, easing traffic congestion and facilitating urban mobility; the updates on the project works in Stockholm and Cologne and an update from the Follower Cities. Stockholm and Cologne representatives also provided updates on the state of their projects. Although no formal presentations were prepared both cities highlighted their current scenarios which were more or less influenced by bureaucratic and administrative procedures required to actually start the works. Works are now starting and should be finished by month 36.​