Greening the Islands comes to Malta

Transport Malta hosted the Air We Share; an event featuring the Second National Electromobility Conference at the Phoenicia Hotel.  Hon. Joe Mizzi, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure (MTI), welcomed all guests present. The minister announced a number of short and medium term measures and projects that MTI, together with Transport Malta, will be carrying out and which will contribute towards the alleviation of congestion, journey delays and consequently improve air quality. Minister Mizzi said that these initiatives will also contribute towards Malta’s national targets towards the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and improved energy efficiency; targets which are set at EU level. A number of initiatives being considered were announced,  including the possibility of grants for employers who organize and offer car pooling for their employees and a nationwide car sharing service that shall be launched as of 3rd Quarter 2016.
Hon. Leo Brincat, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change (MSDEC), was also invited to deliver a speech. The minister talked about the way air pollution has been impacting directly on environmental health particularly in urban areas Europe wide, mainly but not exclusively as a result of traffic congestion and other related problems. The minister said that Malta is also updating its Air Quality Plan 2010 which will include measures towards ensuring lower PM10 and NO2 emissions in order to improve our air quality.
The conference included other speeches and presentations, mainly by Mr. Mark Scerri from MEPA, Mr. Peter Paul Barbara and Alexandra Ellul from Transport Malta, Mr. Kevin Borras, the Editor-in-Chief of Thinking Cities and Thinking Highways, Dr. Gordon Cordina and Ms. Stephanie Vella, both from E-Cubed Consultants, Mr. Ronald Vella from Cyan Engineering, Mr. Valerio Pazzini from Siemens eCar Solution Smart Grids and Smart City, and finally Mr. Gianni Chianetta, Director of the Green Consulting Group. 
During the conference, Transport Malta gave further details on the grants to be made available for the purchase of new electric vehicles which have risen to €7000 eligible for individuals, companies and NGOs.  €25,000 will also be given to local car importers to retrain staff and upgrade their garages to host electric vehicle technology.  Companies applying for the latter grant must also commit to deploy electric vehicle models on the local market.
Air We Share was held in conjunction with the Greening the Islands Conference, an annual, travelling conference highlighting sustainable solutions for islands.  The conference was held in Malta for the first time between the 28th and 30th October. The themes for the three-day event focused on transport, energy and water with the aim of implementing an interdisciplinary approach between these key areas of green economy.A full programme for the three days can be accessed on​
Greening the Islands also hosted nominations and awards at Phoenicia Hotel on Thursday 29th October, to the winners of Greening the Islands international call for submissions for projects aimed at implementing green solutions. Transport Malta was awarded for best sustainable transport measure award with the Port-PVEV Project. More information from here​

The event also included an Award Ceremony for those local Councils who last year participated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) Competition organised by Transport Malta, MEPA, the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change. The winning Local Councils of the 2014 SUMP Competitions were Qormi, Cospicua, Paola and Valletta. To see the winners of the 2015 Competitions, please click here​

All the above mentioned events were held as part of the ‘Do The Right Mix’ Campaign, a joint initiative in conjunction with European Mobility Week being promoted by the European Commission to promote urban sustainable mobility. 


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