European Mobility Week 2017

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​Various​ activities will be organised in different localities during the 16th and 22nd of September, as part of the European Mobility Week 2017.


Sunday 17th September 

Commemoration of Jum Ħad-Dingli. In the morning a treasure hunt for kids under the age of 18 was organised. The idea is to promote walking as an alternative especially for short destinations within the village in order to reduce traffic within the village and also reduce pollution. The event is organised by Għaqda Talent Dingli. On the day we will also be a set of 6 art installations featuring Local traditional games will be inaugurated so to promote different uses of public spaces.

18th September 2017

The village square will be the host of an activity where kids and teenagers will be making the shape of a bicycle to promote the use of bicycles in the locality. The kids and teenagers will then be going for a bicycle ride around the locality. The event will also be open for adults who wish to join in. A repair garage at the main square will assist residents in the repair of their bikes. A BMX-Program for children at Main Square will take place with BMX bicycle experts showing tricks on their bikes. 

21st September 2017

A pedometer challenge will be organised which has already proved successful in past editions. The route will be from Ħad-Dingli to the Mtaħleb chapel. Participants who do not have a mobile will be given a pedometer to count how many paces were done in the shortest time. This awareness campaign will be raised by the local figure heads so as to encourage more people to use walking as a method of transportation.

22nd September 2017

A nutritionist will explain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including the benefits of using alternative methods to transportation. A brainstorming session will be organised on what may be done in the locality to reduce pollution and alternative means of transport. The event will also seek to address contribution to the improvement of local air quality levels. The activity is also aimed to highlight difficulties cyclists face on the road. A workshop will be organised for kids to teach them how to look after their bicycle, and building one from scratch. 

23rd September 2017

On this day the Queen’s Baton will be passing through Dingli. We will be promoting sports in the locality. The village core, a hub of activity will only be accessible on foot or by bike. 


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Valletta Local Council 

22nd September - Car free day.  For more info please click this link: here ​

San Lawrenz

Friday 15th September 2017

Launch of this week by having prominent people from the locality making use of public transport, cycling or going to work on foot thus encouraging the locals to follow their example. 

Saturday 16th September 2017

An informative leaflet will be distributed throughout the whole locality. The importance of sharing commuting, using non-car modes as a means of transportation, road safety and awareness will be promoted.

Sunday 17th September 2017

The Pjazza San Lawrenz, Cangura Street and Trejqet l-10 t’Awissu wil be all closed to traffic to host the 5th edition of Swejjaq. This will give encouragement to all citizens to make intelligent and better use of Public Spaces. The Local Council will also offer information and help for those that wish to car pool or even those that wish to register as a large group from different localities to share transportation.

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Monday 18th September

A car pooling day will be launched with informative lectures taking place. Talks on how a community can use car pooling as an effective and sustainable method of transportation throughout the year will be held. Those that will be willing to participate will register with the Local Council and an award will be given to those that offer their services most frequently and efficiently

Tuesday 19th September

A promotional campaign will be organised during the week  were those that use any means of sustainable transportation such as cycling or public transport, can take a selfie and upload it on the Local Council Facebook page. Those with most ‘likes’ will be awarded and the reward will be presented on this day

Wednesday 20th September

“Walking to School” event. From today, children will be encouraged to walk to school. At the end of this activity a momento will be given to the San Lawrenz Primary School for their contribution in the organisation of such activities.

Thursday 21st September

A talk will be given by the Mayor on how San Lawrenz will be preparing for the future in regards to the improvement of air quality and the possibility of updating our traffic lanes to facilitate cycling and more ease for the pedestrians. Afterwards, an expert on nutrition and fitness will be invited to continue the seminar and discuss how the locals can use our present open spaces to include in their fitness routine.


22nd September - Car free day.  For more info please click this link here


22nd September - Car free day.  For more info please click this link here


22nd September - Car free day.  For more info please click this link here