EMW 2017 Press Conference


Announcement of Activities for the European Mobility Week

After the success of the European Mobility Week editions of previous years, the Government is once again launching a number of activities to reiterate this event again, an event which is promoted throughout Europe.

The European Mobility Week, which is held between the 16th and the 22nd of September 2017, is an annual event organised by the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects and Transport Malta, with the support of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry for Gozo, the Ministry for Education, the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government and the Local Councils Association.

This year’s calls are being launched so that Local Councils will have a better chance of developing more innovative ideas and introduce measures to promote Sustainable Urban Mobility. As from this year, there will be an important change in the programme, in the sense that the Local Councils are being invited to organise National Car Free Day 2017, either as a single local council or as a group of local councils. This activity used to be organised by Transport Malta, and which is delegating to the Local Councils as of this year, because it is believed that Local Councils are capable of organising this type of activity and to share the responsibility for the promotion of Sustainable Transport.

The theme chosen for this year focuses on Transport sharing, “Sharing gets you Further”, that is to promote transport sharing services such as car-sharing and bicycle sharing which will require careful planning and therefore sustainable transport, the Country and the public will save money, and this will support economic growth.

National Car Free Day

The National Car Free Day this year will be organised, on Sunday the 17th of September- with a number of activities that will be organised by the Local Council or Local Councils win the new competition. This is the new concept of the delegation of social responsibilities that the Government wishes to promote.

The Local Councils will be invited to propose a number of measures that reflect what is permitted in the European Mobility Week Charter that may include car free days organised throughout the week (16-22 of September 2017).

This year, Transport Malta will also organise a number of activities with school children attending Skolasajf, so as to raise awareness regarding the need and use of sustainable transport from an early age.

Similarly to previous years, the fourth National Bicycle Ride will also be organised on Independence Day, so as to promote the use of bicycles.

Other Initiatives in favour of Sustainable Transport

Transport Malta, together with the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, will set up a number of initiatives to continue promoting this concept:

  • The Contract to provide a Car Sharing national service is to be signed in the coming weeks. The service will be accompanied with an educational campaign for the promotion of the service and its use.
  • In the past few weeks, Transport Malta has started work on the PROMETEUS Project, which is financed by the Interreg Europe Programme. Through this project, Transport Malta will be studying and implementing these changes and updating the National Electromobility Action Plan, which was launched in 2013. In the coming weeks, Transport Malta will be organising focus groups with local stakeholders in order to study the and update the Action Plan, even those projects which have already been done. (More details regarding this project are being provided separately)
  • The Government is also launching more financial aid in the form of grants to promote Electromobility, which include grants for commercial companies to invest in charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and grants intended to assist the new car importers in technological upgrading and educating staff in electric vehicle servicing.
  • Finally, the Government is in the process of once again launching the grant which assists in the purchase of electric vehicles, after the original grant was exhausted.

Programme of Activities:

  1. Competition open for Local Councils and NGOs to organise activities related to sustainable mobility during the week 16-22 of September;
  2. Competition for Local Councils to submit their permanent measures proposals to promote sustainable mobility and urban spaces, with the best 2 submissions will receive grants to assist the Local Council in their implementation;
  3. Activities during National Car Free Day (17th of September) organised by a Local Council or a group of Local Councils;
  4. The Fourth National Bike Ride (21st of September)
  5. Activity during World Car Free Day (17th of September)


The full Press Release can be seen through this link​

For information regarding this year’s competitions use the following links.

For  'Events and Activities' and 'National Car Free Day' Competitions, please make sure to use the updated version of the Application Form, Question 2 of which was amended on 09/08/2017.  

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