EMW 2016 Activities in Various Localities

​Various​ activities will be organised in different localities during the 16th and 22nd of September, as part of the European Mobility Week 2016.

Dingli Local Council


16th September - Workshop involving Honourable Ministers Dr. Ian Borg and Mr. Joe Mizzi; Transport Experts and the General Public. This workshop will be held at the Savio College Grounds.

17th September - Cycling Treasure Hunt around Dingli (14 years and over). Other road cycling activities for children (up to 14 years) near the Dingli Swallows Football Ground.

20th September - Pedometer Challenge. A walking activity around the village and leaves from near the Parish Church. 

22nd September – Car Free Day – Road closure of various streets from 08.00 to 16.00. 

Please see posters above for more information about the events and contact details of the Local Council.

San Lawrenz Local Council


16th September - Launch of the EMW events through the usage of alternative means of transport like walking and bicycles by prominent people within the village.

17th September - Distribution to the whole locality of an Informative Leaflet on Alternative Modes of Transport.

18th September - Road closures to the Village Square, Ciangura Street and Trejqet l-10 t’Awwissu in the morning, with various social activities taking place.

19th September - Open Talk / Discussion on Benefits of Walking for the Elderly.

20th September - Open Talk / Discussion for NGOs and other local organisations on the possibility of organising more ‘Car Free Days’.

21st September - Football Tournament in the Village Square.

22nd September - Various activities for all ages within Village Square. 

Gharb Local Council

22nd September - The Local Council will be organising Workshops on Cycling and related Healthy gains, with the public invited to attend with own bicycles or any other pollution-free transportation; Walking Tours to various places of interest in the village; Segway Tours; various entertainment activities within the village square; free use of a shuttle service with the use of an Electric Vehicle owned by the Council; free use of a Council owned Electric Truck for bulky refuse collection; competition for the Public with the prize being a Pedelec (electric bicycle).

Please see the poster above for more information and contact details of the Local Council.

Kalkara Local Council

The Kalkara Local Council will be conducting a household survey amongst Kalkara residents on possible pedestrianisation and shared spaces within the village.

Floriana and Valletta

18th September - Car Free day. Please click here for more information on this event. 

Valletta Local Council

22nd September - Car Pooling in the City. Please click​ here​ for more information on this activity.

Mqabba NGO - 'Our Ladies of the Lilies Band Club'


22nd September (16.00 - onwards):

  • Pedestrianisation (Road Closed for traffic) of the Village Square; Public Transport shall be re-directed from Triq il-Konvoj ta’ Santa Marija for the duration of the event;
  • Open Talk / Discussion on cycling education for the young generation by a certified cycling coach;
  • Cycling Rodeos;
  • Exhibition and promotion of electric cars;
  • Free rides by an electric cab on the day from 7.30am till 11.30am to all residents by pre-booking. The service will be offered in the village only.
  • Night Bus Tour

Bormla Local Council

The Local Council notifies that on 22nd September, Triq il-Pellegrinagg (from Parish Chursh to HSBC branch) will be closed for traffic between 9.00 and 16.00.