Dissemination of SUMP Methodology with Local Councils

Dissemination of SUMP Methodology with Local Councils

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s part of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project, Transport Malta organised two workshops with Local Councils with the aim of disseminating the know-how acquired through the compilation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan which is also being developed as part of the same project. 

The SUMP covers the area classified by the NSO as the Northern and Southern Harbour Regions and incorporates 28 local councils. The SUMP aims:

  • To reduce the role of the personal car in the busy, congested urban ‘hub’;
  • To reduce the impact of high polluting vehicles in the inner congested urban areas;
  • To make use of existing and emerging technologies to improve the quality of life (safety, accessibility) on the road;
  • To improve intermodal seamless mobility;
  • To engage in better transport planning at the local level;
  • To engage in sustainable logistics which do not act negatively towards urban congestion and the environment. 

The first workshop related to the dissemination of the SUMP know-how was held on 8thMay and was attended by Local Councils from Malta while a second workshop on the following day was held in Gozo for the benefit of the Gozitan Local Councils. 

Willem Buijs, from Lux​Mobility (a subcontractor for Transport Malta), addressed the participating Local Councils giving practical guidelines on how to prioritise challenges at the locality level, how to plan and design measures which best fit these challenges and how to assess the feasibility of particular measures.

The training provided the local councils with guidelines on how to analyse the feasibility of measures at the locality level. This will assist the local council representatives in future efforts to design sustainable mobility measures and be able to identify the most viable actions and measures.

During this event, which was held in conjunction with the European Mobility Week activities, the sustainable mobility expert walked the participants through the process of designing sustainable mobility measures for their localities. The brain storming session was kicked off with a “dreaming” exercise where local council representatives were asked to picture an ideal future for their locality. At this stage, representatives were asked to disregard all constraints which may hinder their dreams. The workshop then moved to a more tangible exercise where the “dreams” were filtered and tweaked to become more realistic and implementable measures.

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