Civitas Destinations First Major Stakeholder Consultation

Civitas Destinations First Major Stakeholder Consultation


02/10/2017 – Transport Malta has hosted the first in a series of major stakeholder consultations which are being held in view of the development of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). This process is being compiled as part of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project which is being funded by Horizon 2020.

 Through desktop research, data collection, stakeholder and public consultation and feasibility analyses, the SUMP will address the mobility challenges and needs encountered by businesses, residents and tourists in the Northern and Southern Harbour Districts and formulate an Action Plan to effectively deal with said challenges. Some of the actions to be included within the final SUMP shall also be piloted during the SUMP process, thus enabling the final action plan to be populated with tried and tested measures which are ready for up-scaling.

 The Northern and Southern Harbour Districts have been selected for the purposes of this project due to the fact that the region hosts the main international gateways (Malta International Airport, the Valletta Cruise Port, the Malta Sicily Ferry); hosts over 45% of the resident population, the main employment nodes as well as the most visited localities by tourists. This means that during peak tourism season the area experiences an increase in temporary population and puts further pressure on the current infrastructure. To this affect, tackling the pressures caused by tourist mobility shall be one of the main focuses of this study and eventual Action Plan.

 During the Stakeholder Consultation, six thematic workshops, each moderated by an expert in the field, were organised. One of the workshops focused specifically on freight and services logistics as part of the initial development stage of a Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) for the city of Valletta which will eventually be integrated within the SUMP. The other themes discussed were; urban traffic congestion and parking issues; land and maritime public transport; soft modes and cycling; mobility management and unscheduled transport and the smart city concept,  alternative and sustainable modes of transport, environment and climate change.

 The afternoon session was dedicated solely to Local Councils falling within the region under study. During the workshop the local councils’ representatives voiced their concerns on mobility issues that they face in their locality, suggestions were also given which will be further analysed during the SUMP process.

 A total of 85 participants, representing over 40 of the major stakeholder entities of the Region participated in this event.​


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