Current Projects

Current Projects

GrowSmarter - A study outlining the full deployment of the Malta National Electric Car Charging Infrastructure.


Electro-mobility has been identified as a priority within EU policies being a sustainable, low-carbon alternative for transport; however, poor availability of dedicated infrastructures and low user awareness are considered major barriers to be addressed. PROMETEUS aims at overcoming such barriers and promoting e-mobility through the improvement of five Structural Funds Programmes.

CIVITAS DESTINATIONS will implement a set of mutually reinforcing innovative mobility solutions in six urban laboratory areas, including in Malta focusing on the Valletta Region.


SMITHS aims to encourage a modal shift from private car use to collective, sustainable & alternative low-carbon transport modes through the introduction of various intermodal choices to reduce traffic congestion; improve Air Quality& reduce GHG emissions.

Specifically, SMITHS shall upgrade & extend the inner-harbour ferry network; encourage alternative mobility through safe cycling infrastructure connecting selected urban cores; address cleaner air by deploying non-carbon public transport vehicles; and introduce local transport hubs from which various modes  of sustainable  transport services shall be made available.

Public bus transport efficiency shall be specifically addressed in this project through the deployment of a number of intelligent CCTV cameras to monitor & detect obstacles hindering the free flow of buses, thus making public transport more efficient through a reduction of journey time.

The project will also introduce the concept of safe cycling routes through the implementation of 22km of safe, shared routes to promote cycling as  a form of a clean and sustainable mode for commuting.

Moreover all current ITS systems shall be integrated into one platform to provide real time information which will be relayed through a number of real-time information tools. Finally, an Information Campaign will be launched to promote a behavioural shift in transport practices.




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