Cologne General Assembly and Project Meeting

Cologne General Assembly and Project Meeting 8-9 June 2015

The second General Assembly was held in Cologne between 8th and 9th June. Apart from discussions on project administrative issues, the meeting also included several site visits, while guest speakers presented various measures that are being applied to promote sustainable transport in the city of Cologne.

During the General Assembly, the Follower Cities were invited to present their city and explain the Smart Solutions they will be following during the GrowSmarter implementation and why said solutions have been selected.  For further information regarding the presentation on behalf of the Valletta Region, please follow this link.

Study Visit - The Cambio Car Sharing

The Site Visit took place at a car sharing station run by Cambio.  The station itself is located in an intermodal transport hub: the Cambio Station is situated right next to a bike sharing station and a public transport station (in this case, both tram and train stops).  Cambio uses a Station-based system, where the car is picked up and dropped off by the registered users from the exact same station; therefore each station offers services to a community of residents in the same neighbourhood.

How it works:
  • ​Interested users become members of Cambio and upon registration a security code is issued to each user: Registration is allowed only to users with a residential address in Cologne.
  • Cars are booked in advance online.
  • The user then arrives at the station types in the security code on the station metre which allows him/her to open the key box.  Once open, a green light indicates the assigned key from a number of keys within the box. 
  • Payment is done per hour and per kilometer for each trip; with a bill sent to each user at the end of the month; no extra cost is charged for fuel used.
  • Within each car, a card that enables re-fuelling, an umbrella, a children’s car seat and a window cleaner is included.  If the next user finds anything missing/ or the car is dirty, they contact Cambio and Cambio contacts the previous user for reparations.

System Success:

From surveys and data gathered, it has been concluded that 1 Cambio car replaces 10 private vehicles.  Within one year of being registered, it has been discovered that users do actually sell off their private vehicles and make use only of car sharing, cycling and public transport. 
This success rate is not limited only to Cambio, surveys done by the City with various car-sharing registered users have come to the same results. A survey done by the City with Car Sharing users in 2011 indicated that at the start 43.4% of newly registered customers owned a private car.  Within one year of being registered, 24.4% had sold off their private cars. 
Study Visit - Ampido Parking APP
A study visit was held at a smart parking initiative operated by Ampido, a private company based in Cologne.  The initiative involves the use of private land for public parking. 

How it works:
  • Private land owners register their available land – be it a drive-in, unused garage, street level space - with Ampido; 
  • Ampido register the land on the online app and offers it to registered users to be used as public parking space;
  • Registered users choose the parking space and book online in advance.
  • Payment is made for the amount of time the parking slot has been booked;
  • Ampido takes a share of the payment while the rest is paid to the private land owner.

The system operates in a context were all on-street parking is offered at a charge.  However, Ampido parking is cheaper than on-street parking, thus offering an incentive to drivers to make use of the system.  Because parking is pre-booked, drivers save a lot of time in circulating the streets in search of an available parking space around the area of their end destination.  In turn, this minimises tail-pipe emissions from roaming cars, thus contributing towards an improvement in the air quality.
Workshop - Sustainable Transport Solutions

Purpose of the meeting:
  • Getting to know each other better for a good and smooth exchange and cooperation throughout the project
  • Get inspiration and discuss the roll out and start of the different measures

  1. Smart Solution 10 – Smart Traffic Management

Audi connect Jens Christian Lodberg Høj, Insero E-mobility

2.  Smart Solution 11 – Alternative Fuel Driven Vehicles for Better Air Quality

Presentation: Experiences of establishing public charging units for normal and fast charging in the City of Stockholm​

3.  Smart Solution 12 – Smart Mobility Solutions

This bike sharing station is located near a car sharing station.

4.  Smart Solution 9 – Sustainable Delivery

Inspiration and knowledge sharing: Construction Consolidation Centre in the Royal Sea Port Are of Stockholm: