Car Pooling in Valletta

On the occasion of World Car Free Day, the Valletta Local Council will implement and promote car pooling in the city.

On this day, access to inner Valletta will be restricted. The following are the restrictions:

  • ​Only cars with 2 or more passengers (apart from the driver) can access the CVA zone;

  • Cars with 3 or more passengers (apart from the driver) can access one parking area within the CVA zone (House of Four Winds area);

  • Residents with permits will have no restriction;

  • All Streets and access will be closed on the Marsamxett area (except for public transport, taxis, tourism coaches and emergency vehicles) and the Grand Harbour side;

  • Traffic Wardens will be placed at the crucial points in Valletta i.e.:

    ​​1. War Monument near Bus Terminal closing off Glormu Cassar Road (diverting traffic back to Floriana or Cruise Terminal);

    2. Next to Independence Monument Junction (diverted traffic to Pieta and Floriana);

    3. At the bottom of Crucifix Hill (traffic will be circulated - using turning area) back through Pinto Wharf Road);

    . Great Siege Road (near Excelsior Gate) with traffic diverted back through Belt is-Sebh;

  • Delivery vehicles retain the current arrangement;

  • Local Wardens engaged by the Valetta Local Council will be present to assist motorists;

  • More information can be obtained from the Valletta Local Council.

The Valletta Ferry Service will operate at reduced fares on the day. For more information visit ​