CIVITAS DESTINATIONS- Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Winners 2018

CIVITAS DESTINATIONS- Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Winners 2018

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The Local Councils of Pieta’, Għarb and Safi are the 2018 winners of the Permanent Sustainable Mobility Measures Competition which is launched annually by Transport Malta as part of European Mobility Week.

The objective of this award is to encourage Local Councils to come up with, and ultimately implement, innovative schemes and measures that address sustainable transportation within their localities. Proposed Measures are adjudicated against pre-set criteria ranging from the environmental, planning and transport perspective.

As part of this year’s competition, the Pieta’ local council has been awarded the first prize of €50,000 for the proposal; ‘Give green Transport a chance!’. The grant will be used to provide Car Pooling Services to and from Pieta at the morning and evening peak hours. The measure aims to reduce traffic congestion by shifting commuters from private vehicles to the pooling van.  In between peak hours the van shall be used by the Local Council to provide feeder route services to main public transport hubs within the locality, thus encouraging the use of public transport. 

Għarb’s ‘Eco Friendly Village’ has won second place in the 2018 competition thus entitling the Għarb Local Council to €30,000 to provide pedelecs to 16 to 18-year-old teenagers.   The proposal will include electric scooters which are environmentally friendly and which do not harm the environment. These scooters are economical to run, and emissions-free. The measure aims to provide an alternative solution to youths other than the private car at an age when this can deter said youths from actually purchasing their own vehicle. 

Safi’s ‘Alternative Ways to Move’ has won the third place and will be awarded €10,000 as part of a mobility measures scheme. The scheme will aim to promote walking short distances. A walking bus will be introduced with children attending the local primary school. The walking bus will be a form of student transport system where children will be accompanied by volunteers while walking to school. This measure aims to reduce congestion from the locality by reducing the number of private vehicles who drop off children at school and also to encourage children to walk and exercise, thus shaping them to choose more sustainable means of transport in the future. 

In a bid to continue the promotion of sustainable mobility planning at local level, in 2019, Transport Malta shall be launching a series of workshops directed at Local Councils in order to assist them in the compilation of strategic plans in the field of Sustainable Urban Mobility at locality level. These workshops will be organised with the support of the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, a project aimed at addressing the problem of high seasonal tourist mobility demand in smaller touristic destinations. Apart from the assistance to be given to Local Councils, the Project shall implement a set of mutually reinforcing, innovative mobility solutions in the Northern and Southern Harbour districts of Malta.

This Project is funded under the Horizon 2020 CIVITAS Funding Programme and shall run between 2016 and 2020.