2016 Competitions for Local Councils and NGOs


Eligible Participants: Local Councils and NGOs
Grant: up to € 2,000
Deadline for Submission: noon, Wednesday 6th July, 2016
This competition is open to all Local Councils and NGOs interested in participating in the 2016 European Mobility Week which will be celebrated all over Europe between the 16th and 22nd September.  The theme selected for 2016 is Smart Mobility, Strong Economy. Seven submissions will be selected for the grant this year; 4 submissions proposed by Local Councils (LC) and 3 submissions to be proposed by NGOs in conjunction with a Local Council.  At least two of the seven activities/events to be selected (one LC proposal and one NGO proposal) shall be held in Gozo.
Participation Guidelines and Application Form can be downloaded from here
Eligible Participants: Local Councils
Winning Proposal: € 50,000
First Runner Up: € 30,000
Deadline for Submission: noon, Wednesday 31st August, 2016
For this year, the EMW Organisation Committee is building on initiatives launched in previous years and revamping the Award Scheme. The Competition for Permanent Sustainable Transport Measures is being launched in conjunction with the European Mobility Week 2016. The objective of this award is to further encourage and ultimately reward Local Councils who come up with innovative schemes and measures that address sustainable and green transportation within their localities. The Award aims to promote specific and tangible measures which when implemented would clearly demonstrate and promote a cleaner and healthier way of living while raising awareness of the need for local and individual action in the field of sustainable urban mobility at local level.
The Competition is open to all Local Councils who can participate as a single Locality and/or as a consortium of Localities.  A Local Council may also invite NGOs to join the consortium, however, the lead applicant must be a Local Council.
Participation Guidelines and Application Form can be downloaded from here
An information session was held on Monday 13th June.  Rules and procedures of the above competitions were explained further. The presentation delivered during the session can be downloaded from here